Shotan – Zlatan Ft. Tiwa Savage (Nigeria)

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Watch “Shotan” Zlatan Ft. Tiwa Savage Official Video

The video of the song “Shotan” Zlatan is finally out! For the past weeks, we saw the artists Zlatan and Tiwa Savage on the set of their video shooting for their song “Shotan”. It was released a few hours ago.

The instrumental of the song “Shotan” was made by the producer Spellz. He showed us why he is one the best producer out there. The beat has a simple and groovy drum pattern that goes all throughout the song as we hear an ongoing main melody. We can also hear some trumpets here and there during the whole song. Zlatan added his lyrics to the song to make us groove even more  with his particular style. The cherry on the cake is, of course, the nice smooth voice of Tiwa Savage that we hear on the chorus of the song.

The video of the song has a lot going on! There was a lot of shots that we see in multiple environments. We can see Zlatan and Tiwa Savage in a set where they are in the middle of some mirrors rapping and singing. Another set show them in a spacious room with some graffiti on the wall. Besides them, we can also see a lot of different people participating in the whole video. We have dancers showing their move and enjoying the song. The whole vibe of the song give you that party, groovy and a little heavy feeling.

As always, let us know in the comments bellow what you think of this song. We really think that you will like and vibe to it. Also, don’t forget to find Zlatan and Tiwa Savage on instagram. You can download the song on this link. Watch more videos by clicking this link here.

Shotan Zlatan Tiwa Savage Official Video (Nigeria)

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