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Lazy Day

Lazy Day Lyrics [INTRO] Its Fuse Aye [Danny Ocean] I did not sleep much last night Yeah we where dancing to the early hour and

Take Me Away

Take Me Away Lyrics [INTRO] Oh lord have mercy Monie on the beat Hear me now now now Kuami Eugene… Aahah I go whine, oh


Mawe Lyrics Nyandu Tozzy ft Rayvanny, Mr Blue – Mawe Lyrics Kuna maku ameniDM(DM) Anasema Nyandu sku hizi unazima sheli fegi Umekuwa waki kinoma unahang out na


Blow Lyrics Oh yeah yeah yeah  Ehh mo gbe o eeh (bloq jerzee on the beat) For the girl for the girl dem You have

Miracle Lover

Miracle Lover Lyrics Mi need a good girl Wey go dey with me Whenever mi cry She a console me A wonderful lover Whenever mi


Histoire Lyrics Je vais vous raconter une histoire d’une famille  Je vais vous raconter une histoire d’une famille Histoire (Raconte) Histoire (Raconte) Histoire (Raconte) Histoire

Worry (Visualizer)

Worry (Visualizer) Lyrics Lyta yea ehh Shabalistica Doro Music Ok I cannot deny o This thing wey I feel na divine o Baby tell me,


Thankful Lyrics (Blaq Jerzee on the beat) Eyyy, e je e je e je Blaq Jerzee, legend O sam belebe, (e le kulele) Brother mi


King Monada Kea Jola South Africa

Kea Jola – King Monada

Listen To King Monada “Kea Jola” Audio We have a pearl song for you today! We present you the song named “Kea Jola” by the

Pourquoi?! (Feat. Mr. Oli)

Song: Pourquoi?! Artist: Wendo Musaly Featured Artist: Mr. Oli Album: GooDLucK Released: 2019 Genre: Pop Label: WMM Record, Wendo Mbilizi YouTube Views: 56.000 App: 1

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